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Tires are fundamental to your car’s performance, safety and efficiency. With that in mind, our Ford dealership near Antioch has compiled the following tire FAQs, which cover popular inquiries about tires. California Ford fans are encouraged to read through the following before calling our service department to arrange local tire installation or repair!

How often should I replace my Ford tires?

It primarily depends on your driving habits and the type of tires your vehicle is equipped with. Generally, it’s recommended to replace tires every four to six years, or once the tread has worn down beyond the point of providing safe, effective traction. It’s always crucial to regularly check your tires for wear and tear, as visual checks remain the best way to identify tire issues before they become serious.

Why are tire rotations important? 

Tire rotation is key in helping prevent uneven tire wear. By regularly rotating your tires, you support their longevity and help ensure that your vehicle can safely turn and stop in all conditions. It is recommended that you should schedule a tire rotation near Antioch with every oil change.

What type of tires should I get for my Ford? 

The type of tire suitable for your Ford largely depends on your model, driving conditions and personal driving habits. All-season tires are a popular choice for their versatility, while the peace of mind that run-flat tires provide have made this alternative another favorite of nearby Ford fans. The Future Ford of Concord tire sales specialists can guide you in choosing the right tires for your needs.

Where can I buy new tires near Antioch?

At Future Ford of Concord, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Ford tires for sale. Our options allow you to buy the right set for your needs, from low rolling-resistance tires that are perfect for hybrids and EVs to all-terrain tires F-150 and Bronco owners love. Not sure how to choose a new set of tires? We also offer expert assistance to help you find the right option for your car.